Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Battleground Texas and OFA Have the Tea Party Scrambling

Daily Kos writer Egberto Willies wrote an article after reading a post on the FreedomWorks blog titled “Come and Take It: Beating Battleground Texas“. It’s a revealing mixture of raw truth and fear-mongering, with more of the truth part than you’d expect from the financial force behind the Tea Party.

About Texas Democrats becoming organized and energized, the blog says:

They are determined to turn Texas blue. And guess what… They just might. Battleground Texas, a movement to turn Texas into a battleground state, and ultimately entirely blue, has taken hold and is growing at an alarming pace.

Top-level Democrats and OFA strategist are on the ground all across Texas registering hundreds of new voters every week. Currently Battleground Texas reports that they are on pace to register approximately 600,000 new Democrats by the 2014 midterms. Considering Rick Perry won the gubernatorial race in 2010 by less than 700,000 votes, Texas could be in real trouble. Mathematically speaking, the path to the White House could be lost for an entire generation if Democrats are able to turn Texas.

What the Republicans fear most is actually happening on the ground in Texas. Democrats, who were once and still are a mathematical majority in the state, are registering voters and laying the logistical groundwork to make a swing back to sanity and good governance of the next several election cycles. The FreedomWorks post continues:

This isn’t simply an ideological grassroots battle; we are up against a full-fledged frontal assault from the entire liberal political machine. Battleground Texas is well funded, motivated, highly organized and damn good at what they do. We are fighting an uphill battle to keep Texas reliably red, which has trickle down effects across the country.

They’re correct! Texas turning blue will be a major shift back towards the sanity of Democratic rule across the nation. We as liberals need to support this effort in any way we can.

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